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Two legendary brands came together to fulfill a long-cherished shared dream to bring forth a distinguished experience of the most premium artisanal fresh Italian style Ice Creams in India under the brand name “Dolce Gelato™”.
Dolce Gelato™ is the only Gelato made from ingredients imported from Italy making the quality far superior to all other Ice Creams & Gelatos which are made in India.
Where teaming up with Prodotti Stella brings in traditional long experience to make the best and the most premium Gelato in the world, Modi offers great access to established markets and distribution channels with more resources and greater capacity of production and fulfillment.
Gelato made by using the traditional Italian small batch process to produce the freshest ice cream. Unlike other ice creams that use full cream milk, Dolce Gelato™ is made using skimmed milk making it 45% low on calories than other regular ice creams. It is churned 25% slower than regular ice cream making it denser, creamier, and rich in flavor.